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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Jane Russell on Marilyn

"When we made Gentlemen Prefer Blondes together and I discovered that she was nervous about going on set, I finally went to her dressing room and said: 'All right, baby, come on set with me now, we've only got a few minutes.' And she said: 'Ooh'." She copies Marilyn's blonde breathlessness to perfection, but there is no malice in her mimicry.

"I remember there was this actor, Tommy Noonan, who had to do a kissing scene with her, and afterwards some guy asked: 'You've just kissed Marilyn Monroe. What was it like?' And Tommy replied: 'It was like being swallowed alive.' Marilyn overheard that and ran crying to her dressing room. I grew up with boys, so boys didn't bother me. I knew all about them. I don't think Marilyn did.

"But she wasn't a dumb blonde.


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