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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Marilyn writes to her new psychiatrist about her stay at the Payne Whitney part 2

There was no empathy at Payne-Whitney -- it had a very bad effect -- they asked me after putting me in a "cell" (I mean cement blocks and all) for very disturbed depressed patients (except I felt I was in some kind of prison for a crime I hadn't committed. The inhumanity there I found archaic. They asked me why I wasn't happy there (everything was under lock and key; things like electric lights, dresser drawers, bathrooms, closets, bars concealed on the windows -- the doors have windows so patients can be visible all the time, also, the violence and markings still remain on the walls from former patients). I answered: "Well, I'd have to be nuts if I like it here" then there screaming women in their cells -- I mean they screamed out when life was unbearable I guess -- at times like this I felt an available psychiatrist should have talked to them. Perhaps to alleviate even temporarily their misery and pain. I think they (the doctors) might learn something even -- but all are only interested in something from the books they studied -- I was surprised because they already know that. Maybe from some live suffering human being they could discover more -- I had the feeling they looked more for discipline and that they let their patients go after the patients have "given up". They asked me to mingle with the patients, to go out to O.T. (Occupational Therapy). I said: "And do what?" They said: "You could sew or play checkers, even cards and maybe knit". I tried to explain the day I did that they would have a nut on their hands. These things were furthest from my mind. They asked me why I felt I was "different" (from the other patients I guess) so I decided if they were really that stupid I must give them a very simple answer so I said: "I just am".

Lines from the movie "Niagara"
     GEORGE LOOMIS (played by Joseph Cotten)
My wife told you I was neurotic, didn't she? 
     POLLY CUTLER (Jeane Peters)
She just said you weren't feeling very well. 
Well she'd like everybody to believe I'm crazy. 
     RAY CUTLER (Max Showalter)
Don't be silly, why would she want people to think you're crazy. 
I don't know but she's got her reasons, you can bet on that. She's got her reasons. Occupational therapy! 
(Kicks over a table)

Marilyn reading the script for "Niagara"

Review of the movie "Niagara"

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